This comprehensive course offers valuable training and education for any wood flooring professional. Howard's extensive knowledge and experience in the wood flooring industry is as good as it gets. His ability to teach and share all of this makes the course a must for every wood flooring inspector.

It is one of the accreditations I like to see when engaging an inspector.  Having personally completed this training, I also strongly recommend this course for anybody involved in the technical, education and or dispute sides of our industry. 
Wayne Griffith
Senior Trainer & Technical Services Officer


The advanced inspection course was the best investment made by Mission in 2004 -2006. We have had 4 people attend in our company and plan to send two more. We have paid for the courses 10 times over with inspection fees and new business because of the reputation that Mission understands complex wood and installation issues.

Customer issues arise daily. Understanding the technical underpinnings of why something is happening and if it can or cannot be repaired is vital. Today's customer doesn't just want to hear that,"that's the way we always did it", were there is a quality or performance problem at stake. When management and master craftsmen share the same of understanding why things are happening, we all are giving the same answer which adds to customer confidence.

Lastly, Howard and several others attending the course have been always available to discuss technical issues. We talk with him monthly and consider Howard one of the most vauable resources we have.

Pete Fay
Mission Hardwood